Who doesn’t like a good red and verbose exception? At PowerShell community we often call it a “sea of red” which we found as something that can be intimidating. The bigger the error message the more problematic it is? :-) We don’t think so! That’s why we, within dbatools project, try to keep the output of the exceptions more user friendly and try to give the direct error message to you.

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Some datatypes can be shown in so many different forms (think measurament units, dates with short/long forms, or regional settings) that can be difficult to have a standard. What should we show? Sizes should be always in bytes? It will be easier for you to interpret 1610612736 bytes or 1.50 GB? That’s why we have created some rich datatypes like, DbaTime, DbaDate, DbaDatetime, DbaTimeSpan, PrettyTimeSpan or DbaSize to make it easier to read and be more consistent acrross multiple commands.

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