This month’s (#127) T-SQL Tuesday is brought by Kenneth Fisher (B | T) and he asked about Non SQL Tips and tricks.

As a Windows user I know there are lots of shortcuts and small hacks, that I love, which make my life much easier! Here is my small contribution:

Windows tips & tricks and shortcuts

  • `WIN + X` -> to access a lot of management stuff in a quick way
  • `WIN + V` -> If you looking for a clipboard manager (keep multiple entries) since Windows 10 (build 1809) we can have it natively. However, I keep using ClipX.
  • `WIN + [0-9]` -> The number is linked to the position of the apps on your taskbar.
  • `WIN + .` -> Big fan of emoticons? Select one from this list
  • Open PowerShell (or cmd) console from a windows explorer window. How many times have you wanted to jump to the PowerShell console already on a specific folder that you have already open on the windows explorer? Just type on the address bar "PowerShell" and a new PowerShell session will open right on that location.

Open "Add or Remove programs"

A way to open the “Add or Remove programs” menu quicker, you can SHIFT + DEL on the shortcut (example: Docker Desktop) on desktop and the prompt popup will have there a link to this option.

The ones I use without thinking

  • `WIN + R` -> to open the run window
  • `WIN + L` -> Want to lock your PC? Instead of CTRL + ALT + DEL...ENTER
  • `WIN + E` -> Open new Windows Explorer window.
  • `WIN + P` -> Handy when you have more screens connected.
  • `WIN + SHITF + (Arrow)` -> To move Windows between screens. You can use without shift to anchor the window on the current screen `` right or up to maximize and down to restore. Down again will minimize. use the `WIN + [0+9]` to put it back on the screen.
  • `CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE` -> System is unresponsive? Use this shortcut to open the task manager.
  • `ALT (+ SHIFT) + TAB` - Toggle between windows. With SHIFT toggle backwards. (You can also use, WIN + TAB)
  • `ALT + TAB + CLICK` -> ALT + TAB will open a list of open programs, instead move back/forward with TAB multiple times, you can use your mouse and click on the program you want.
  • `ALT + SHIFT` -> Change keyboard language. I can't say how many times this bite me before! Typing passwords and not working..why? Keyboard language/layout has changed how? Probably you pressed ALT + SHIFT.

Bonus - Search for PowerShell commands used before

Sometimes we want to search for a command that we have used before to run it again. With CTRL + R you can search on executed command’s history. Start typing for searching by commands you have run before. Not the correct entry? Want to search the next/previous entry? Use CTRL + R to search history backwards interactively or CTRL + S to Search history forward interactively. This work is done by PSReadLine module. If you are using a recent version of PowerShell you probably have it already.

Thanks for reading!