Dear reader, before continue please open a PowerShell console and run the following command: Install-Module -Name dbatools If you are doing this on the date of this blog post, you have just installed dbatools v1.0! After more than 200 commits, the work of more than 20 contributors and 20 days since the last published version, dbatools v1.0 is live! To all of you that have contributed direct or indirectly to the module a big thank you!

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Starting on 19th of July and during 3 days the Tuga IT 2018 Summer Edition will be happening in Lisbon! This edition will have: 4 full-day workshops 38 breakout sessions (1 hour) 5 deep dive sessions (2 hours) That is over 72 hours of content delivered by 44 awesome speakers, many of them recognized industry experts. You can see the full schedule here . This edition will have sessions about: Cloud, Data Platform, Development, Integration, IOT, Office, PowerShell and Security.

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Times have changed and Microsoft has changed the way we can contribute for documentation ! We already have access to the source code from some programs. One example is PowerShell, that has an GitHub repository where anyone can contribute! Now anyone can contribute to the documentation too! How and where? If you haven’t seen before, now we have a pencil icon on the top right corner that makes possible to suggest a change.

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