I’m working on a project where I need to convert Firebird SQL code into T-SQL code. No schema, just the modules. There are more than 1000 objects between stored procedures, views, triggers, user-defined data types, etc. First - the pain… While checking the Firebird reference manuals I saw a lot of different concepts (Selectable Stored Procedures - Yes you can do SELECT FROM StoredProcedure) and different functions names with different syntax compared to T-SQL.

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I’m converting some Firebird database code to T-SQL and I’m seeing a lot of code that doesn’t work in the same way that SQL Server. No surprise - I already expected that but for those that still say that “all engines/databases are equal”…“is SQL right?” here is another proof that is not true. On Firebird it is possible to use the CAST function using a DOMAIN (the equivalent in SQLServer is UDDT - User-Defined Data Types ) as target data-type, well turns out that on SQL Server…that is not possible.

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