This post is to answer the question: “You are used to seeing in the format of yyyy-MM-dd right?” that I have raised on my blog post Don’t cutoff yourself with dates in T-SQL – Did you know… . As you could see from that blog post, my screen shots were from VSCode and in this case using mssql extension, but this happens also on SQL Server Operations Studio . “But why are my datetimeoffset values on VSCode being showed in that format?

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Last week I was talking with Constantine Kokkinos ( b | t ) about generating a Table Of Contents (TOC) for a GitHub repository. He wrote a cool blog post - Generating Tables of Contents for Github Projects with PowerShell - about it and I will write this one with a different problem/solution. Context I’m working on a new project (news coming soon) that uses a GitHub repository and I expect to have a big number of files within a specific folder.

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Times have changed and Microsoft has changed the way we can contribute for documentation ! We already have access to the source code from some programs. One example is PowerShell, that has an GitHub repository where anyone can contribute! Now anyone can contribute to the documentation too! How and where? If you haven’t seen before, now we have a pencil icon on the top right corner that makes possible to suggest a change.

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